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Ruben Papian drži predavanje o mislima i
Today's day is seven and a half years old

               Back in 2013, I held a lecture called "Do I think?", when we mentioned the topic of changes that await us in the future. Even then, everything smelled like what was happening today. I will remind you briefly of what I said seven and a half years ago.

              "The crisis leads to social unrest and instability, personal damage, etc. Whichever way you look at it, for something new to come, the old has to fall apart. So, this consciousness will not change on its own. As much as you would want it to, it will not change on its own. Consciousness will fight its change. Elimination was supposed to happen, but it was postponed for a while. A certain virus may appear. The illness works great. When you release a virus from within, the illness itself and that virus begin to modify consciousness. Yes, it hurts badly, but the virus can modify things, it makes some new hallways, from the inside. So, consciousness is unconsciously modified by a virus. Consciousness itself does not control the virus, it only gets a new variation of itself. And this hurts.

                In order for evolution to take place, a revolution has to happen. A critical mass is created and then comes evolution. First a virus, then a critical mass, after that a revolution and then evolution. It takes approximately 25 years to reach the final form. Because, what is called a human today needs to be modified, forcibly. Plus, emotions have now surfaced, as they are. Some emotions are gone, for example, greed is gone. It has nothing to hold on to. When you have a small cake, you spend too much on greed to get a small portion of the cake. For example, there is no greed during the war; it is not greed, it is survival. Greed means: I have ten, and I want another hundred! I already have ten times more than I need, but I want more.

                Modifying emotions is much easier than modifying consciousness. Because the emotional spectrum belongs to the biological spectrum. It does not belong to the brain, it belongs to biology, hormones. Biology will always produce the spectrum of emotions that is necessary or desirable, depending on the desire itself. When you have nothing to eat, you don't want a Mercedes. You want water and bread, and your emotional circuit is formed adequately by water and bread, not Mercedes. Emotions are very adaptable. The habit of emotions is not the habit of emotions themselves, it is the habit of a certain conscious state, which causes that emotion. ”


You can watch the whole lecture on my youtube channel:

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