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What are the basic life needs? With this lecture I am sure you will learn how to understand feelings and emotions, and how to see them differently. What are we like inside, what strengths do we have, what a person is made of... We will explore these and many other issues together during this lecture. 


In a very interesting way, Ruben will introduce us to a more than serious topic, talking about the matter and antimatter and how they co-exist. Through this lecture, he will compare substances and explain their main differences. 

How planet Earth works

We live on this planet of ours, yet we know nothing of it. The inner workings of Earth escape our minds even if generations spent their entire lives on it. So lets unveil some info.


In common everyday conversations people use words and express their attitudes not understanding what they mean. Not only are the lines between the terms blurred, but meanings are often mixed and mismatched. It's time to correct some of those mistakes.

Errors in consciousness via skype

The main thing is that you don’t doubt yourself, don’t give up, don’t blame anyone, don’t force anyone to do anything and always believe that in this world anything is possible. In 500 years we’ll talk on Skype with Christ, folks. He will be the one calling, and you won’t answer!

Is the reality real?

What do you think is the reality? Is it a subjective experience of circumstances that is interpreted in different ways? Together we will consider the sataric saying that truth is in the eye of the beholder and we will distinguish the differences of subjective realities.

Errors in consciousness sequel

"Yes people, being a slave is good. Not for you but for those who control and form slave society in the interest of protecting this same society. There’s no doubt in this. But it is called evolution, at least at this point of developing. That’s why consciousness is full of mistakes. Full!"


What is Fear? How do we experience it? Is it rational, emotional or completely illogical? Some of the pillars of your previous knowledge and also beliefs will be shaken up, because this unusual and interesting man, Ruben Papian, will make you revise your decisions and re-think.

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