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          There are two types of people: those who have problems and those who do not. Those who have problems are looking for the solution in all possible ways. Those who do not have them are looking for an adventure to make their lives better. Basically, everyone wants a better tomorrow.


           Life coaching is a path that a coach needs to design and implement in the best possible way in order for a person to achieve a better tomorrow. To achieve this the coach’s understanding of human existence and life values ​​must be very broad. What tomorrow's life will be like depends on his personal qualities and the coach's understanding of those qualities.


         The life coaching that exists in the world has a standard form that cannot be effective for every person, because people are not the same regardless of the similarity of the problem. Life coaching is the art of creating a person's tomorrow in accordance with his personality. A life coach is not just a life doctor, but a "personal angel".

The most common problems that make people turn to a life coach are:

  • Fear of failure

  • Changing old bad habits and developing new good ones

  • How to become better organized

  • How to be more positive and optimistic

  • How to solve relationship problems

  • Overcoming psychological barriers

  • Lack of self-confidence / regaining self-confidence

  • Optimal ways to achieve success

  • Exploring the cause of the problem and the feelings

  • Accepting responsibility for one's own actions

"Before I started attending Ruben's courses, my knowledge of how our mind works and how it is possible to improve its performance was practically zero. Now I am more than aware that the mind is a perfect mechanism. My senses, intuition and mind are now sharp and precise and now I use it all in my daily life. ”

            "My senses, intuition and mind have greatly improved, I have gained precision in my work, so I use the exercises that Ruben designed for me every day. Now I have control over my emotions, which is very important to me because of the nature of my job. ”

           "I learned how to do treatments using energy therapy and I got rid of many misconceptions. I learned that energy therapy requires knowledge of intuition, imagination and communication. My consciousness is now constantly changing and adapting to different situations. That's why I'm much more efficient in everything I do. "

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