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          For more than 35 years, Ruben has been cooperating with people, constantly helping them reach their goals, educating them in any spectrum of life, helping to solve even the most difficult health problems. People who come to Ruben seek advice on a number of topics, seek training and treatments, and since every person is different Ruben always has a unique approach to each person.

          The health segment is very important in Ruben's work, because only a healthy mind and a healthy body can create "tomorrow". Everyone has heard of energies, and few know what is meant by energy. The spectrum of energies is huge and unlimited. It is divided into three categories: macro, micro and Nano energies. The whole world is nothing but a combination of boundless vibrations that we call energy. Understanding the energy world allows you to understand your own energy world and create macro, micro or Nano energies with your biology that can resonate with the outside world or other biology. In essence, the process is no different from communication between two mobile phones. We perceive the resonance and balancing of the biological / energy field as an improved health condition. From this perspective, anything is possible… There are no limits to creation in energy fields. The biggest secret is to know how!

              When asked about health, i.e. the state of our mind and our attitude towards illness, Ruben Papian answers: "If we look at the concept of illness from the aspect of psychology, what does it look like? Every person is subconsciously afraid of illness. It is "inserted" into our head by the social environment (industry) to be constantly afraid of getting sick. This is a kind of evolution for the past 150 years. I don't rule out the fact that antibiotics and other drugs can help, but why should we be so afraid of disease? Isn't our body capable of regenerating itself? Science says that every seven years, all cells in our body change for new ones, which means that our body is constantly regenerating.

               Many years of my experience in working with people and their health condition have led me to understand that the first and main cause of health disorders is the environment. This includes not only people but the entire environment: the place where you live, the people, your apartment, the colors you see - everything that enters your head.

               Another reason for the occurrence of the disease is consciousness. Consciousness is not an organ but a function that is created by the environment. Questions and thoughts such as: What if I get sick, what if something happens, what will I do then, God, what am I going to do - these are conscious questions being inserted into one's own brain and asking one's head to solve problems that don't exist at all. Our head is, the neurons and the brain, a closed system, which means that there is no "outside world" or "reality" for it. Whatever happens to neurons becomes a reality. Even if you say: "Oh, that's a lie" - this is also a reality for your brain. The brain processes data and doesn't reject anything. It is the consciousness that rejects or retains data - it filters information, allowing or not allowing itself to be infected. This means that a person's quality depends on the hygiene of his/her consciousness. The most important thing is the hygiene of consciousness; it must not give commands that something is wrong inside the organism, because if it continues like that, then something will certainly be wrong. If your neighbor coughs, it does not mean that you will get sick. Logical conclusions can only lead to anti-hygiene of consciousness."

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