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Emotions - without the user's manual

            Why does a human need emotions for? What are they for? This should be a pretty simple, silly question, because each of us experiences emotions every day - from morning to night. When you sleep do you have emotions? No, you don't. This is the time when a person has no emotions, when he/she sleeps. And this person looks great in the morning: rested, nice, fresh. But when he wakes up, the emotions start and all day he can't wait to go to bed again. It is like so, in reality. What does a man need emotions for then? Why do each of you need emotions for? Guys, they are an integral part of you, I guess you should know what they are for.

             Why am I going to the Theater? Let's look at the logic, that is, the reason for my determination to go to the Theater. I go there to get a certain emotional state. Can it be said that we long for new emotions? Absolutely, yes. We long for new emotions, unknown to us. Second question: Do we long for old emotions, familiar to us? Let's see an example.

             We eat barbecue. Today - Oh, it's great. We're eating a barbecue tomorrow - Oh, it's great. The day after tomorrow we eat a barbecue - Oh, it's great. We eat barbecue for a week. Is that - Oh, great? It's not. And how long can that barbecue be great? Couple of days. What is missing then to this emotion in order for it to become "great"? The food is the same. Why does an emotion change, if the reason for that emotion is the same? Realistically, in seven days, the emotion you have towards the barbecue becomes an obligation; it becomes an emotion that you are bound to have. And it is not known who belongs to whom. Do you belong to the barbecue when you eat it or does it belong to you? If there is something in you, if you have chewed it and put an effort to it, that food is in you and no matter how you look at it, it forms the next phase of your emotional state. It is interesting that consciousness thinks that the emotion that appeared in me "says" that it belongs to me. Realistically, who belongs to whom? Does the mere fact that an emotional state has arisen in you mean that it belongs to you or do you belong to that state?

             In the human world, everything is upside down! And we blame our emotions for everything. Maybe it's not the emotions that are to blame. If anger occurs, it means there is a reason for that anger. If you understand that the existence of that emotion makes sense, your anger can be very constructive for you. Just because you don't know how to use it doesn't mean it's its fault and it's bad/negative.


             Positive emotions for us, my people, are in fact negative emotions, although I can't call them that. They are destructive emotions, and we don't even know how to use them. When we talk about love, we mean mutual love. Love, love! It's not like that. No one can explain to us how to use it, to give us a specification, what it is, to give us a recipe and tell us how to "eat" it. You can't eat a barbecue after the sixth day, and you should eat love every day… People divide emotions into positive and negative, and that is why they are in total chaos. No one has taught you what each of them is for and how to handle them. How you use them is your choice. You only have a social obligation not to disturb anyone with them.


Nobody needs anything. Everyone has their own life. This is your life.

Everyone has the right to their own happiness and everyone has the right to their own unhappiness.


             The human world is such that it believes that what we think and feel must be extremely important to the one standing in front of us in order for it to have a realistic picture, based solely on our feelings, not knowing where those feelings came from and how they formed.

             Imagine, a woman comes to me and I tell her: "You have no idea what kind of happiness awaits you. In three years from now you will be a completely different person. You will go to New York. Yes, yes. You know, you will love New York very much, and what is the most interesting is that New York will love you too".

             Let's see if she can resist to what I just said. No chance! It would be the same with all women. I l literally instilled positive emotions in her. And this woman is so happy now that she doesn't know what to do anymore. We are so non-immune -- non-immune to the nonsense (happiness) that I have said, and to the nonsense that someone else is telling you, and to the nonsense that you expect someone to tell you. Everyone thinks that good emotions are jammy, sweet ones. Well, you saw how much of those sweets were there, a lot. Everyone would fall for that. Your emotional state is formed without your participation. You get emotions from the environment. But don’t be naive and don’t accept that banal, primitive opinion that has already been accepted. If you have to, listen to someone else’s opinion, but that doesn’t mean that opinion is yours. The world is much more interesting and much richer than that. For example, a combination of love, sadness and aggression, and aggression does not mean that someone is slaughtered, can give a very interesting, new construction.


Construct! Live! Look to tomorrow, not yesterday.

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