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Respect your sleep

                 We spend 30% of our life time in a state calle sleep. The remaining 70% of life is spent in the so-called awake state. In fact, all life consists of a part when we awake and a part when we are asleep. Let's say someone "plans" to live 90 years. From 90 years of existence on this planet, that person is preparing to stay awake for 60 years, and the other 30 years to sleep, ie. to rest. Pay attention to the numbers! In his waking state, man calls the state of rest - sleep. Interestingly, if a person is getting tired for 60 years, for some reason it takes him 30 years to rest. Can't it be a little faster? Why "throwing away" 30 years of your life? And why do people spend a third of their lifetime sleeping?


                 Scientists say that a person, for a complete regeneration, needs to sleep 8 hours a day. It is not at all clear to me how they've calculated this? There are people who sleep 2-4 hours. Nikola Tesla, for example, he slept a maximum of 3 hours. He may have been tired, but tired as he was he turned the whole world upside down. What would he have done if he hadn't been tired... Such a concept, that a person needs 16 hours to have activities and 8 hours to sleep, is absolutely inapplicable. There are people who sleep 8 hours, wake up and still want to sleep. Some sleep for 10, 12 hours and could sleep more.


You sleep because your body needs something, and it never needs anything for no reason.


                 Your body is smart, it still doesn't listen to doctors. It needs sleep. And why does the body ask you to sleep? It is obvious that some process is taking place, something is happening. At the same time, that "something" is extremely necessary, because the organism knows when it should not be awake. It knows when you, and by "you" is meant a conscious parameter, should be told: "Stop thinking!" In order for you to stop thinking, you fall asleep. Why? To regain strength? You have too much power, unlimited.

                  Let’s say you got sick and are now going through a recovery process. The body needs a lot of time, resources. Pay attention now - it needs energy. When you are sick, your energy increases. You usually think that when you are healthy you have a lot of energy, and when you are sick you have no energy. However, things are different in the body. A healthy person does not even need any energy, and when he is ill, then huge resources open up. During the regeneration process, a "war" is waged.


The sleep state is a very active state. It is not a rest but a state of intense regeneration.


                  Now, when we sleep, we dream, we are doing something. We fell asleep and watched a movie. It happens that an extremely emotional moment comes in a dream in which such a strong impulse of fear is mostly present, and then we wake up suddenly. And there is a moment of such panic that we never feel in "real" life. Didn’t they tell us that everything we see in a dream is just a figment of the imagination? Although no one has explained what imagination is, or what the process of imagination is… Well, if it is the fruit of imagination, if what we imagine does not exist, then why do some mechanisms start working in our system that they hit us like a hammer on the head to wake us up? The system itself makes us wake up so we don't break. From what? Is it from the fruit of imagination? By all means, the process of imagination seems to be a fierce process of reality. It's so real you can crack. Dreaming, during 30 years of your life, can hardly be called the fruit of our imagination. What did you do in your life then? "I lived fruitfully for 60 years, and I dreamed fruitfully for 30 years." And what's the point of your 30-year fantasy? Here is the answer: And for those 30 years you - LIVE. Now I will explain what happens to us during sleep and why it all serves as it is.


All the secrets are in the part of you where your personality is not.


                  While you sleep, you do not use your brain, in the true sense of the word, but then the brain begins to use you. The brain can do that and that's why it exists. And when you are awake, you make your decisions. When you ask a man, in that waking state in which he uses his brain: What do you want? You ask him that simple human question. And then you offer him five fingers on one hand, and we can be generous and offer a man of high intelligence ten fingers, and ... on those ten fingers everything ends. All his wishes fit there. Isn't life so simply made? All right: car, house, work, kids - at least something worth a time. Is that all? How many years are you preparing to spend on the realization of your desires in the "awake state"? What if you tried to use those 30 years for that purpose as well? Try to somehow stick it together and fantasize properly.


Proper fantasizing means getting as close as possible to the reality.

In the process of fantasizing, a projection of true reality takes place.


                  When you sleep, when you disconnect from the outside world, what happens to the thought? Where is it? What is it like? The machine does not stop, it works constantly. The earth is constantly moving, so is the universe. While the man sleeps his cells live, the heart works, everything works constantly. In the waking state, there is a huge noise inside the head: "I will-I will not, yes-no, I doubt, and why it is not so, and why it is not as I planned, it should be like this ..." This is chaos. And in the middle of that chaos, the brain still needs to do some of its work. In a dream, the chaos disappears, and the intensity of operations increases.


The sleep state is not a passive state but an active state. It is a process of perceiving reality. That is why the so-called imagination is a process of perception.

And then I can see you as you truly are.


                  Resources are no longer occupied by chaos. The head works perfectly. The most important thing is not to bother it. And you will know EVERYTHING. I apologize for being rude: You don’t know how to sleep! You spend the most important 30 years of your life absolutely meaningless. Everything you need to know in this life needs to be pulled out of a dream. Basically, you don't have to do anything - you just have to want to get acquainted with the process of proper imagination and you will succeed without any problems.


The dream is yours! You are in it, not it in you. In order for you to understand something and to make sense of something,

you don't need to think at all - you just need to sleep.

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