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Faith and its nuances

                 Usually, when I say I'm going to talk about faith, everyone thinks I'm going to talk about God. Because, if there was no God, what would we need faith for? It's just how it looks like…

Let's start from another perspective. I usually always go upside down. One radical, contradictory question: does God, if he exists, need our faith, and if so, what does he need it for? Everyone will now say, "He doesn't need it, we need it." Yes, he is God, he has it as much as you want, if he needs it. Why then would God ask of anyone to have faith? Everyone thinks they can't go to God without faith, right?

                 It is a simple, easy question and it is normal that no one has the answer. If God is as He is, then everything is His, He needs nothing. God never takes, he always gives; he is always above all, at "the top". And now all of a sudden, he needs faith… Of course he doesn't need it. And then what do you need that faith for? Never, never ever, did God say to anyone: "If you want to come to me, you must have faith."

                Let's turn things around, again. The devil. Have you heard of him? He is like this, he's like that, but in reality, he's a quite strong figure. If we believe that devil exists, then we have faith in the devil. What is the difference between that faith in God and faith in the devil, and does it exist at all? This is where the conflict arises.

                In fact, the one who believes in the Devil, he believes in the existence of the devil, and the one who believes in God would have to say that he believes in the existence of a god, which sounds kind of confusing. If you believe, then you believe. What is the difference between believing in the Devil or God? Here is faith and there is faith. Are they really different?

                Many will say, "Faith in God, in something good, is stronger." Think it through… It doesn’t go that way. Remember those best days when your child was only three years old. It was small and weak. Does that mean that the faith in that child was smaller than now, when it grew up and gained weight?

Faith does not depend on the dimension of the object.


                 That concept, that notion of faith, understanding and acceptance of faith today is the same as it was two thousand years ago. Realistically, faith does need an object, it is applicable towards anything. Does the mother believe in her child? Of course! What does a mother believe in more, in her child or in God? Can it be compared at all? It can not. It is FAITH.

                 Then, how to assess these nuances of faith, if according to some subjective feeling, faith in one's own child and faith in God are different? There is no way… We can be more aware of ourselves, seek and find reasons or logical explanations for our faith, but faith itself does not become weaker or stronger. Faith is as it is!

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