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I love as much as I can

           I love one woman. Now I ask myself, “Do I love her enough? Maybe I could love her more? ” I look at her… She deserves more love. (Sorry for my Latin)

           And now, let's ask a question. It is a standard, accepted thing, in society - that someone deserves more respect, more love. Does the woman I love deserve, pay attention to my words, more love? If the answer is yes, I would like to receive from you a reasonable, conscious basis for the existence of the necessity for more love. For example, she can consume more love than she gets from me, so she is hungry for love. So, the conscious position - that she deserves more love, is automatically my slavery!


Here is another mistake in consciousness, a mistake that we "use" every day.


             This man deserves more respect. How did he measure how much respect he deserves, and pay attention to the very word respect, what did he do so that he would deserve more respect? And who said he deserves the respect at all? Why are such concepts, such postulates used? I can say the same thing differently, more correctly, without deviations and errors in consciousness:


-"I would like to pay more respect to this man, because I think I can produce more respect, but not for him, but for myself."


- “I love this woman just as much as I can love her. Neither more nor less ”.


             These are the correct terms, which probably sound totally crazy in the civilized world. Just like when we feel hungry. How hungry are you? Is it good you are hungry as much as you are? Those are stupid questions, aren't they? "I'm just as hungry as I'm hungry!"


             And, do I love that woman enough? I love her just as much as I love her, it makes sense now. Why does the feeling, that is, the experience of hunger, differ from my feeling, that is, the experience of love for a woman? Why in the case of hunger this feeling, this emotional state, our consciousness experiences so that it does not pollute the feeling itself, and in the case of love a force that pushes appears: common, you have to love her, be a man, why not, "all you need is love"…


We don't need anything else, just a huge amount of love - 300gr!


            It is a big mistake in that same consciousness, which operates in this way. You will say, well, we have it, we can't do otherwise. I will not give you a recipe of how consciousness should operate. I just want to show you how it operates. Because a normal person, and thank God I'm not among them, doesn't notice this. It is not inserted in people, that is how we were brought up.


            It is consciousness that defines each of us. It is our concept, the position from which we look at another person and analyze whether he/she is adequate to our expectations and our experience. Total subjectivity is at stake! If we think we need to love someone more, ask ourselves if it is really necessary. You will find that it is not, because from our point of view of that person, that need is deformed by our expectations, upbringing, and so from our own experience we assess whether there is a need for something or not.

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